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Hamilton Township Clerk's Office

2090 Greenwood Ave. Hamilton, NJ 08609 Room 201

(609) 890-3622

Hamilton Township Do Not Knock Signup Page

Pursuant to Chapter 349 of the Code of Ordinances (Do Not Solicit List), you may register below to prohibit peddlers, canvassers and other solicitors (except non-profit, religious organizations, or political groups) from seeking contact with you at your home.

Will the decal you receive be applied to a glass surface?

Do Not Drop

If you do not wish to have unsolicited commercial handbills, non-commercial handbills, leaflets, coupon brochures or other writings to be placed on or about your property please select yes below, otherwise select no.

If you wish to cancel delivery of the following unsolicited publications, you must contact the publication directly (see specific publication for phone number).

Trenton Times Extra: 1-800-693-3548